My name is Michael Glasser.
I am a creative with a lot of time on my hands.

I enjoy capturing moments and sharing how I see the world with the world. I love art and all things creative, but I also have a passion for nature and the environment. I believe it is our responsibility as people to take care of the Earth so it will continue to care for us in the future.

I have a passion for photography and frequently perform contract work for clients in urban planning, non-profits, environmental advocacy, political campaigns, and music & entertainment venues.


I'm always working on my craft. For now, here is some of my work.

Graphic Design

I have done graphic design work and marketing for prominent businesses in the U.S. and abroad. This includes Breezometer, an air quality monitoring startup in Tel Aviv, Israel and APS, an aviation parts supplier.

I am currently available for work in this field.

Shoot Me a Line

I'm a friendly guy. Get in touch.

I grew up in the California Bay area, but I have lived and worked in many parts of the world, including Israel, Australia, the West and East Coasts, and the Midwest. My experience professionally has mostly been in research, communications, digital media, marketing, and project management. My skills in photography, multimedia, and graphic design have helped me throughout my career, but one day I would like to see myself work in environmental sustainability.

To view all of my experience and specific skillsets, please  download my resume.